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Website Overview

SahiwalCity offers use of technology to which we learn how to do, post blogs and latest cricket update articles, reviews of businesses, brands, cafes, doctors and many more in the Sahiwal City area. We hope to provide the community and guests with accurate and updated information through our site.

Use of Content

The site SahiwalCity features content such as articles, photos, images. Such content is meant for informational and editorial purposes only. You may make use of excerpts no longer than two sentences and link to the content under our responsibility just with correct references to SahiwalCity as a source. Use of our content for commercial purpose is considered as violation to the rules unless it is approved in writing.

User Content and Behavior

Visitors are allowed to post messages and other content on their website provided such things are lawful, original and not infringing upon other people’s rights. When you submit content, you give us the right to re-publish it within this site under an unlimited and irrevocable license. As the owner of the content you post, you are held liable for it. Abusing, offending, spamming or any form of illegal content in the comments section is strictly forbidden.


The purpose of the SahiwalCity website is not only to disseminate accurate and timely information but also to ensure that the information provided is suitable for the purpose other than making any warranty about the accuracy or suitability of any information provided. The company is not liable for any financial losses or other damage that may occur as a result of using its website.

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