Sahiwal Buffalo A Treasure of Pakistan's Livestock Heritage

The Sahiwal Buffalo A Treasure of Pakistan’s Livestock Heritage

Sahiwal buffalo is a kind of buffalo breed originated from Sahiwal area of Punjab province of Pakistan. This type of buffalo is unique and valuable for having the chosen genes. It can tolerate heat and is diseases resistant. It is also know for producing very high quantities of milk. The reason is that Sahiwal buffalos have these good qualities and that is why are very crucial when it comes to the production of the dairy products in Pakistan.

Origins and Characteristics

Nili and Ravi buffalo breeds are the original source of the Sahiwal buffalo breed long ago around the Indus river. In the process known as evolution through natural selection the Sahiwal buffalo was well adapted to its environment in years gone by. Sahiwal breed became a unique animal with some specific characteristics not typical for other buffalos. Some key traits of Sahiwal buffalos are:

  • Fortified Structures and of Medium Size, with a well-developed udder and teats
  • Predominantly white or light gray in color, with occasional black or brown patches
  • Excellent heat tolerance and resistance to ticks and diseases
  • High milk yield, with records of up to 40 liters per day
  • Longevity, with some Buffaloes producing for up to 20 years

Importance in Pakistan’s Dairy Sector

Sahiwal buffalo is a tremendously crucial animal for Pakistan’s dairy enterprise and contributes a great deal in milk production of the country. This kind of buffalo is considered as one of the best buffalo cattle breeds for producing milk next to Nili- Ravi buffalo in Pakistan. It can be said that Sahiwal buffaloes are suitable for very unfavourable meteorological conditions, especially, the weather in the Sahiwal region and its surrounding regions. The adaptability to these conditions coupled with their high milk production and resistance to diseases make them very useful for small-scale dairy farmers and for the large dairy companies of Pakistan.

Sahiwal Buffalo

Protecting Nature

Sahiwal buffalo is one of the most common races of Pakistan. However in recent days the Sahiwal pure buffaloes are on a decline. This is because other breeds have been imported from other countries of the world for cross-breeding purposes. In an effort to address this issue, the government of Pakistan has started the process of protecting the Sahiwal breed. They came to Pakistan in 1976 and started the Sahiwal Cattle Breeding and Dairy Development Project in Pakistan. The purpose of this project was to establish a pure tribe of Sahiwal buffaloes and to improve their genetics.
In the Punjab province other departments established the Sahiwal Buffalo Research Station in the Livestock Department. This research station is aimed at finding out the proper management practices regarding breeding and feeding the Sahiwal buffaloes. They also keep a herd of high quality or purebred animals. The aim of this study was to protect this indigenous breed.

Future Prospects

There is the demand for dairy products such as: milk and cheese in Pakistan and the rest of the world. This will inevitably lead to greater significance of the Sahiwal buffalo for creating these products. Sahiwal buffalo is a high milk producing animal and can produce a lot of milk. It is not very susceptible to diseases and at the same time can live in the climatic conditions of Pakistan.
Thus it can give a lot of help to Pakistan in its dairy business. However, for Sahiwal buffalo to remain a productive invaluable native livestock in the future, Pakistan must continue to prioritize caring for the breed. This is why Pakistan should endeavor to keep the population of Sahiwal well and healthy. Pakistan also needs to strive for the continuation of the breed for the production of more milk. Things Pakistan can do include:

  • Establishing more breeding and research stations to maintain purebred herds and conduct research on the breed’s genetics and management.
  • Implementing selective breeding programs to improve the breed’s milk yield and other desirable traits.
  • Educating farmers on the benefits of the Sahiwal breed and best practices for its management.
  • Promoting the breed both domestically and internationally to increase demand and ensure its long-term sustainability


Sahiwal buffalo is one of the animals which are considered to be an integral part of the animal farming in Pakistan. Another type of buffalo produces a lot of milk, rarely falls ill and well adapted to the local conditions. The Sahiwal buffalo has proved beneficial to Pakistan’s dairy industry for many years. Sahiwal Buffalo Will Continue to Remain Important in Pakistan’s Push To Expand Its Dairy Farming. If proper measures are put in place to conserve this buffalo breed and farmers are motivated to continue keeping and reproducing their Sahiwal buffaloes, then Sahiwal buffaloes will continue to be important as a source of income for farmers and supply of nutritious milk for human beings in the future.

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