Former PCB Chairman's Concern - Pakistan's Performance in T20 World Cup 2024

Ramiz Raja, ex-chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has stated concerns surrounding Pakistan’s performance in the upcoming T20 World Cup. He asserted that not only the host nation, the United States of America, but may also lost to Pakistan in the opening match.

“USA not only can be a surprise team for other teams, but also has the abilities to outdo Pakistan at the T20 World Cup,” Raja added propounding the hidden talents possessed among the developing cricket nations.

He disclosed that Pakistan’s current form is such that the any team can beat them as they have no unity among themselves and are just playing for individual gains which makes them easy target to be beaten.

Pakistan tied its series with Ireland in the T20 game by getting a win in the second game which they lost by one match. These cracks are worrying as they come into T20 World by the team.

The US cricket team has improved achievements, (which was made possible by the USA) with the help of the investment in infrastructure and the development of the talent. Their skipper, Monank Patel, is the one who has been instrumental in the qualification of the American team that is going to make their maiden appearance in the T20 World Cup.

Raja’s words show how intense and off-putting the Pakistani T20 team can be, even if you look at their failures of consistency in the tournament.

Pakistan is to play a few more T20 fixtures against sides yet to be announced before taking USA on 6 June. Their game performance in these games would be a gauge of Raja’s doubts validity on this element.

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