Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti a Tribute to Pakistan's Beloved Host

Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti is a renowned radio and television host, an actor, and a writer from Sahiwal, Pakistan. He was the only child to the middle class family on 3rd March 1974 in town Sahiwal. Bhatti was performer-intoxicated from the time he was a kid and had attracted attention and spice to human life through his entertaining skills. He even composed of plays and skits to entertain his close ones and friends with their hilarious attempts to make them laugh. This which takes as a starting point is the source of his later career.

He finished his matriculation in Sahiwal, and then moved to Lahore in the 90s to pass Forman Christian College. Such was the case that at college he was a member of the college theatre productions where he, in return, developed this certain affinity for show business and the entertainment industry in general. After she completed the BA degree, Bhatti turned her attention at Radio Pakistan and PTV looking for chances to work for them.

His charisma and flamboyance, which were remarkably noticed, led to radio show producers from Sahiwal to hear him out. He had his first experience of on-camera hosting of a light-hearted talk and music show for school drop-out. The show gained a great popularity and turned out to be a great step towards Mr.Bhatti’s fame. He called NBC the “creative heart” of the network sector and offered opportunities for more radio and TV development for the years to come.

dildar pervaiz bhatti

Among the peak points in Bhatti’s TV career were presenting a daily Ramadan transmission show, working on travelogue program, showcasing Pakistan’s cities culture, and acting in an entertaining sitcom, ‘PTV family’. Furthermore, he set and launched his own production company – ‘Bhatti Productions’ – that was a medium through which he produced more television shows.

Within the 25 year lasting career Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti gets the most renowned radio and TV host from Sahiwal. His amazing open manner involving him producing quick and funny jokes have made him be liked by so many people. Bhatti still features regularly on PTV and has thus retained his fans that he is still adored by them in his home town.

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