Kanaan Park A Green Oasis in the Heart of Sahiwal

The city of Sahiwal is located in the Punjab province of the country Pakistan. This city is all about bustling industrial and agricultural activities. However, these places could also be a perfect destination for some sightseeing and wildlife exploring. The Kanaan Park at the heart of the community is the significant one where most of the local families will take their children to play because the park allows various outdoor activities and encompasses about 15 acres of the land. It is a place where the green vegetation, vibrant flowers, tweeting birds and curved paths rain dry. It is a sanctuary simmering amidst this urban concrete maze.

kanaan park sahiwal

A Zoo Amidst Nature

Kanaan Park is the place to go if you want to see wild animals such as tigers and lions. Among the animals kept in the zoo are the big cats such as lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs living in huge cages that are arranged in an elongated line. The cages to the animals are planted with trees and plants. The animals have the space to move across their natural habitat since the vegetation is allowed. The zoo train journey for kids is an unforgettable ride in the park, a delight that they will never forget. Besides the main park, there is a separate area only for children who can enjoy swings, slides, seesaws and merry-go-rounds.


kanaan park sahiwal

Picnic Paradise

Many people come to Kanaan Park every day to sit on its green, wide lawns, enjoy the tall shady trees that surround them, and simply relax against the backdrop of a beautiful view. Handsome picnic huts are bookable for rent in plenty. Sitting under a tree with a group of friends and family sharing home-cooked meals or getting something from the small food stalls inside the park can be an exciting experience. The rich environment and the soothing atmosphere, which give the place a picnic appeal, also make it perfect for picnics.

Tourist Attractions

Besides from the zoo and the picnic spots, the park features some other great attractions. An artificial waterfall, rising from the hill and cascading done by the night becomes an exhilarating view when lit up at night. Besides, the park represents a mini golf course and a birdhouse where different birds dwell as well as sports’ grounds outside. Visitors will also derive pleasure from boating in this lake on small islands that are filled with birds as well as rabbits. The common area is an exhibition space where the local artists demonstrate their art.

Other Attractions in Sahiwal

Besides Kanaan Park, Sahiwal offers visitors another great place to visit namely, the renowned Harappa Museum illustrating the artefacts of excavations along the streets of Harappa, near to Sahiwal. In addition, the city owns most of the fertile lands that produce cotton, wheat as well as the best mangoes within the country and beyond. People come to visit the ruins of famous Sufi saints and to see what types of cattle the traditional cattle markets can offer.
Thus, the Kanaan Park in Sahiwal region is ideal for family picnics, to meet with exotic animals, or even for sports events or just a relaxation time among nature scenery. What is even better than that, it has more to offer. The cafe as a place to relax in anticipation of the city’s hustlings and bustle.

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