PCB Chief's Message "Fight Till the Last Ball" to Cricket Team in Dublin

The chairman of PCB speaks in Dublin to the gathered national cricket team that is about to play their T20 match with Ireland. For his part, the coach spoke with resolute urgency and sought to inspire the players for their previous loss.

The chairman expressed his disappointment but his determination that it is necessary for the team to be united and professional. He emphasized the values and urged the players only to concentrate on the next match and winning it after all that plight.

It mentioned that even though the team’s bowling was good, it was necessary to polish off the players’ fielding which had no room for mistakes. He stressed that every catch and every run saved could be the difference that makes the team win the game.

The team captain endeavoured to instil in the players a sense of collective responsibility, which they should carry and perform throughout the game. At that moment, he reiterated the unbending national support and the lofty expectations they should live up to. He portrayed the final challenge to be the World Cup, saying that it would be a very tough one for the players and urging them to face it with courage and determination.

The chairman’s words were flames to the fire of the players, and led to a determination and passion within the team. The players sat there and their hearts were filled with the hope the coach gave them. The real purpose and the strength to give their all on the field came to them. The morale of the team was high and the attention was narrowed to the task at hand, the team was ready to face the coming challenges, united in the pursuit of victory.

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