How to Create WhatsApp Channel in Pakistan

WhatsApp achieved such a popularity among the users that number of it users has exceeded 2 billion worldwide. The fact that it has many users and is easily understandable to most people, WhatsApp can become a widely used marketing tool for businesses and organizations. As you do channel creation on WhatsApp, you can communicate messages and updates to a lot of people and instantly. In this writing we will lead you through how to create WhatsApp channel on a smartphones (Android and iOS as well) and WhatsApp web/desktop application.

For Android Users:

  1. Get open Whatsapp app and then tap on the horizontal three dots menu button on the top right of your phone screen.
  2. Go to New broadcast from your Profile menu to start. This will then open your Broadcast list.
  3. Select the pencil icon and type a title for the television programme. You can name the channel afterwards taking that in mind.
  4. Once you selected the title, come back and hit on the broadcast name you recently selected. You will now be taken to the broadcast details page.
  5. Tap “Add recipients” here. Subsequently, you can choose from your phone’s contact list where you can select the contacts you wish to add or you can enter the phone numbers manually.
  6. Following that, proceed to click the check mark icon on the top-right of the screen. The selected contacts will eventually be added the broadcast list as well.

For iPhone Users:

  1. Open up Whatsapp and scroll down the Chats tab.
  2. Just tap on the new chat button and you’ll see the new broadcast option in the menu.
  3. When prompted to indicate the broadcast name, give it a name. The abbreviation should give an impression about the channel’s purpose.
  4. Finally click on the ‘Name it’ button and choose the next option. You will see here an icon which, when clicked, will open up the contacts list on your iPhone.
  5. Choose the people you wish to send the mass text out to and then tap the + sign next to their names to add them to the broadcast list.
  6. Once you have selected all the contacts, hit onto the Next button that is to the right of the screen.

For Web/Desktop Users:

  1. Load on your browser and add your phone number to WhatsApp mobile app to link your account.
  2. On the left side of the screen, select Broadcast Lists, and then click on the pencil icon, after which you can give it a name.
  3. Next, choosing your broadcast channel’s name, hit ‘Create’. Keeping this in mind, I will present the broadcast details page.
  4. Here press ‘Add Recipients’ and select contacts of your list you want to add into the broadcast list.
  5. You may also insert numbers by manually typing them and drawing commas.
  6. Click the check box after completion, once ready.

Communication with certain contacts will be initiated by adding their contact to broadcast list. The service is available all through the day and your message will be sent out no time as soon as push the send button.

Despite the need to do that, it is easier to delegate tasks and reach new audiences (customers, website visitors) or share products / offers on Whatsapp or send updates to customers. Hence, just take the steps above and don’t let that pull you back. Grab the opportunity to engage with your followers via WhatsApp.

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