Nokia 3210 Makes a Comeback with a Modern Twist

The legendary Nokia 3210 Phone was re-launched for its 25th anniversary. The durability and simple design as well as advantage of the Nokia 3210 cell phone, a perfect example of the longevity of the 25 years, has led it to make a nostalgic comeback to celebrate the original launch. When HMD Global was ready to relaunch this device, the company that is behind the Nokia-branded phone, the major objective was to appeal to people seeking a simple phone that provides an escape from today’s overwhelming technological world.

The Nokia 3210 now comes with the same iconic silhouette of the original but is now equipped with an upgraded camera, 4G connectivity for voice calls and a refreshed version of the classic Snake game. This earphone costs £74.99.

“People choose to go back to the Nokia 3210 due to the fact that they are looking for simple connectivity devices that allow them to take time to concentrate on living their lives in a relaxed manner. This re-imagined Nokia 3210 version is like a reminder of the good old days and can be used by consumers to recreate the serenity of past times.”

Another industry expert, Ben Wood, is a big fan of the 3210 relaunch. “The first 3210 was so massively popular, thanks to its sheer simplicity and ease of use. The company made a smart move while cashing in on the great legacy by the 3210, as the model is commonly associated with mobile use by many.”

In the early 90s these were the best phones, it’s all we had, now we have smartphones and much more. The New 3210 is a product that wants to touch with the 90s era nostalgia while also offering some modern features to consumers seeking the minimalist tech experience. For those who love the classic phone, it will definitely meet all the requirements of simplicity, durability, and distinct design that made the original so popular.

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