Master Changan Motors Unveils the Deepal S7 Electric

The company is determined to get EV brand of the name Master Changan Motors Limited to the market for the Pakistan audience.

Being the first electric automobile brand of Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) in Pakistan, Deepal is going on toance with this new market, that is, Pakistani automobile market. MCML is ready to introduce the Deepal S07 SUV and L07 Sedan models which are going to hit the market in the near future.

While the MCMLs have not yet name of the car official, car launched is expectedly approaching. Humanized: The annual Chinese International Motor Show (MCML) has provided a platform for Changan, their parent company, to launch their three new EV brands – Avatr, Deepal and Nevo, under the Vast Ocean Plan, which targets different consumer segments.

Changan Motors Deepal S7 Electric

Deepal S07 is a mid-sized crossover SUV besides Deepal L07 is a sporty fastback sedan The two models which MCML intends to bring to the USA are already available on the Thai market. The same is valid for Thailand, which also runs on the right side of the road.

The EV market in Pakistan is filled with opportunities for dissemination but is hindered by certain challenges. One of which is properly classifying EVs into various sizes, e.g. cars, buses, pickups, and semi-trailers, according to their battery capacities. Among other things, the cost of the public charging stations should be just normal and transparent. Suggestions can be as diverse as classifying EVs by their power-saving methods and providing financing support to increase the affordability. Expansion in the number of charge stations per city could remove one of the major barriers to EVs becoming the main transportation mode.

Along with that, the new EV line rollout of MCML will include home chargers as a package with all Changan electric vehicles. The firm is likewise focusing to promote zero carbon transportation by installing the photovoltaic panels in order to produce electricity which will be utilized in the charging of electric cars.

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