Pakistan's Next Frontier - Launching a New Satellite After licube's Success

The iCUBE lunar satellite launch has completed its mission, Pakistan is now getting ready for another milestone – the May 30th launch of MM1, a collaborative satellite project between SUPARCO (Pakistan’s Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) and the National Space Agency. MM1’s main aim is to break the prior 5G connection model in Pakistani telecommunication field, offering faster and more surefooted internet services to the citizens.

On the other side iCUBE, an out-of-the-box moon satellite, has been providing game-changing orbit around the moon. In spite of the extreme temperatures and the rough working conditions iCUBE keeps on working and is collecting the required data. It can detect any amount of water or ice deposits can be found on the surface areas of the moon. iCUBE has the ability to send 1 kbps-resolution images of the Moon back to the Earth regularly, thus allowed us to know the geography and the compositions of the Moon in further detail.

The launch and operation of iCUBE is a proof of Pakistan’s increasing level of expertise in space technology and satellite applications. The future of space exploration is protected as Pakistan will be the host of the launch of MM1. While doing this, it will serve as a stepping stone towards becoming an established space power. By the means of satellites, Pakistan will benefit its own citizens and the global community in general.

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