Thar Sand A Surprising Source for Computer Chip Production

The Tharparkar area, famous for its plentiful mineral sand resources, may get a one-of-a-kind semiconductor manufacture unit in near future. The technicians of Sindh Department of Information Technology, having consultations with the geological experts, find out that the Thar region is abound with silica sands and these are well suited for making silicon wafers.

A silicon wafer provides the root for the iconic chip and integrated circuit that is largely fueling the current digital product appetite. The local government has come up with a plan to use this advantage in an advantageous way, which implies the emergence of a Chip Wafer Foundry in Tharparkar, close to the source of the high-grade sand.

It is speculated that a production of a wafer fabrication plant might take up sand, coal, water and electricity – all are expected to be aplenty at your disposal in the area. The project price is around $450 million and could raise the funding possibility under the shelter of CPEC Eco-nomical Corridor (CEC).

Our 150 acre new facility just outside of Islamkot, Tharparkar would enrich people community by offering them jobs and lead to the establishment of the high-tech manufacturing industry. The Sindh Information Technology Department has documented the innovation ideas and presented the approved concept to the concerned ministries for the process to begin.

which would be also the first semiconductor fabrication facility of Pakistan, if approved. Through this project initiative, which establishes the indigenous resources base, the country is likely to progress in the areas of technology innovation and manufacturing capability. Thar region, being long associated with Sand and Barrenness, has every potential to emerge as the silicon valley of Pakistan.

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